Shannas Cove Resort


Here you find some of the most important regulations and measurements Shannas Cove implemented for your safety as well as the safety of your staff.



  • we provide disinfectant dispensers in the restaurant and in front of public restrooms

  • we removed our menus and placed QR-Codes where you can check our menu online

  • we disinfect desks and chairs of our guests after every use

  • we removed some of our barstools to provide the ultimate social distance

  • we have extra sanitizer for our kitchen utensils and deep clean the kitchen every night

  • we display signs of social distance, disinfection stations and mandatory mask wearing areas to make awareness

  • we clean and sanitize all frequently touched areas at least every hour (door handles, disinfection stations, faucets, credit card machine, pens, electronics, light switches, etc.)

  • we clean and sanitize all public restrooms at least every hour

  • we use hospital certified disinfectants and detergents that kill 99.9 % of all bacteria and viruses



  • the car we use for airport transportation (if you arrive by private charter) gets disinfected after each transfer

  • we took out the snack bar to minimize the touching areas in your private bungalow. If you feel like having a snack (chips, energy bars, cookies) you can get them anytime in the restaurant

  • our tours take place with a reduced number of participants (50 % of capacity)

  • we disinfect and clean all high touch areas in your private bungalows every day (door handles, sanitizer stations, faucets, electronics, light switches, AC remote, remote control, etc.)


Beach area:

  • we disinfect all beach chairs, kayaks and paddle boards regularly

  • we disinfect the faucet and shower at the beach regularly



  • wear face masks in all public areas

  • get daily temperature checks 

  • frequently sanitize and wash our hands

  • keep the mandatory social distance of 6 feet 

  • get an antigen-test every two weeks



  • wear your face masks when you leave your seat in the restaurant

  • keep mandatory social distance everywhere (6 feet)

  • disinfect your hands frequently