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Western Air provides commercial flights now  every day from Nassau to New Bight, Cat Island.

They departure at 1 pm to Cat Island.

You can book flights directly on the Western Air website or contact us directly for more information. 

Cat Island Station: +1 (242) 342-3111

Nassau Station: +1 (242) 377-2222



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They fly with its fleet of Cessna Grand Caravans every day per week

Monday  to Sunday between Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport and New Bight, Cat Island. Registered guests from our resort will receive a 10% discount. Please let the Makers Air Team know that you stay with us while booking. For further details please contact us or the following:

Phone: +1 (954) 771-0330


Cat Island is a paradise for everyone. With its blue skies, turquoise waters, and easy accessibilities of the islands, the Bahamas is even a bigger paradise for private pilots.

Things to know when you come with your own plane:

  • Arthur's Town Airport (ATC) is a government owned airport, open for private pilots

  • It's a 15 min car drive to the resort

  • When you come in, just fly over the resort and we'll come and pick you up

  • Customs/immigration is possible at the airport (let us know and we make an appointment with customs for you)

  • Coordinates: 24°37′46″N 075°40′26″W

  • Paved parking is possible for planes

  • No fuel in Cat Island

For more detailed information, contact us via email or phone anytime.

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