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At Shannas Cove Resort you enjoy delicious foods and drinks all day long. In the morning we serve an extensive breakfast followed by lunch and dinner. We offer international dishes paired with exotic specialties from Cat Islands land and sea. Our team is happy to take care of all your needs. Gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options are available at any time of the day.


On the balcony, overlooking the magnificent Shanna Bay, you enjoy breakfast with freshly grounded coffee and take in the beautiful sea view. We are serving various fruits, different types of ham, bacon and other smoked meats along with a small selection of cheese, bread and fresh orange juice. If you wish, we prepare a variety of egg dishes, pancakes or cereals for you. There are no set times for breakfast. So, come up whenever you feel like.


From 12 to 2 pm we serve lunch daily and you are spoiled for choice. The menu reaches from our famous homemade pizzas and delicious burgers to sandwiches and crunchy salads as a snack or light lunch. Savor your lunch either in the restaurant, at the bar or on our terrace while you enjoy the pleasant breeze.

Please call +1 (242) 359 9668 for

groups reservation. Thank you. 


Dinner at Shannas Cove is an experience!

Our Chef creates a Dinner processing fresh ingredients from Cat Island mixed with international products and cooking techniques. From fresh fish from the ocean that  delivered by our local fishermen to BBQ- or Bahamian-Nights with homemade side dishes. Our dinner is served every night and we  carefully selects the ingredients in consultation with our guests. When you make your reservation, please let us know if you have any food intolerance or special diet and we will prepare your personal menu. Dinner starts usually between 7 and 7.30 pm.

Reservation is required one day before or at least before 2 pm if for the same day evening!

More pics and impressions join us on instagram        #shannascove_restaurant#

"We request you to have understanding for this and see to it that

all food and drink brought  to the Resort is not allowed!"

Thank you:-)


Breakfast             $ 12 - 20

Lunch between  $ 15 - 28

Dinner                $ 38 - 48

3 Course Dinner between $ 59 - 69

For your convenience a 15 % gratuity and 10 % VAT

will be added to your check.

Note: Additionally the 10% VAT (Value added Tax) and 15% gratuity will be present on your bill.

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