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Dear friends and guests,

We do everything for the safety of our guests and our employees but do not forget our hospitality and cordiality, as we believe that you can spend a safe and good time with us due to our exposed location.

Thanks to the generosity of our areas, we are able to provide you with plenty of space. The vastness of Shanna Bay and beaches just around the corner do the rest that there are many possibilities for relaxing holidays. 

Given the variety of these measures, our extensive cleaning protocols as well as the implemented Clean & Pristine health and safety program by the Bahamian government, which we implement with full responsibility, we also need personal responsibility and common sense that we can get through this together.

The required minimum distance of 6 feet can be maintained everywhere and we will be happy to provide you with detailed information about more measures.



Effective 1 November 2020, The Bahamas will require all travelers to:

  1. Obtain a COVID 19 RT PCR Test five (5) days prior your arrival.

  2. Apply for a Bahamas Health Travel Visa at


  3. For the duration of the visit (or 14 days), complete a daily online health-questionnaire for symptom tracking purposes.

  4. Take a COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test in our in house test center on day 5 of the visit (unless departing on that day).

  5. Always wear a mask and always social distance in public places.

In addition, beginning 14 November 2020, all visitors will be required to opt-in to mandatory COVID-19 health insurance when applying for their Health Travel Visa. The insurance will cover travelers for the duration of their stay in The Bahamas. 

A fee for the visa will be ranging from the following and includes expenses for COVID Health Insurance and rapid antigen testing as appropriate.

  • $40 for visitors up to four nights, citizens and returning residents

  • $60 for visitors staying longer than four nights 

  • free for children under 10

The COVID-19 health insurance includes:

  • medical expenses incurred on-island due to COVID-19, up to $50,000 

  • trip interruption/delay for necessary quarantine or isolation due to COVID-19, up to $500 per day/$7,000 max

  • medical evacuation and/or repatriation due to COVID-19, and subject to medical necessity, up to $100,000

For more detailed information please visit or contact us via phone or email

Shannas Cove Resort


Shannas Cove Resort is a official 3rd party test provider for COVID-19 Rapid Antigene Tests in Cat Island. This means that all our guests are able to get their mandatory 5 day Rapid Antigene Test at our resort at no cost.

What if your Rapid Antigen Test is positive?

There are three options to cover every angle:

  1. If you have no symptoms you can quarantine in place for up to 14 days. The insurance will cover hotel costs to quarantine.

  2. If you have no symptoms but have pre-existing medical conditions, you will have the option to be medically evacuated out of the country.

  3. If you exhibit symptoms you will be immediately medically evacuated to your home country for medical purposes.


Shannas Cove Resort


The Clean & Pristine certificate declares that we comply with all the requirements in accordance with 

  • the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism & Aviation, 

  • the Bahamas Ministry of Health, 

  • the Bahamas Hotel & Tourism Association,

  • the Bahamas Out Island Promotion Board.

Here you find some of the most important regulations and measurements we implemented for your safety as well as the safety of our staff.

Shannas Cove Resort


As many years tried and tested we maintain our cancellation policy as always.

Therefore you are able to cancel your trip without any fees charged. Anyway, we hope you to be as fair as possible and inform us as soon as you know that you are unable to visit us. 

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